You're having a party!

Let us help you make it a memorable event!

Your guest list is made. The invitations are ready. The location is set. Now for the food...

Well, what would you like?

Flying Mango is currently on a catering sabbatical, but you can still order large quantities of our delicious meats and side dishes for your party... if you are willing to stop by and pick up the order. All items are served in disposable containers appropriate for warming in the oven or dropping into a chafing dish. Chilled items are in deli containers.

We recommend ordering at least one week in advance. There will be times that we can still help and put something together on shorter notice.

When deciding quantities, here are some guidelines:

For Sandwiches, 1# of meat will provide 4-7 sandwiches depending on the size of the bun.

For Entrees, unless you are having several entrees, allow 8 oz of meat per person.

For Side Dishes, one Quart serves 7-9 guests.

These prices are subject to change at anytime.

Meats Sold Individually - purchase sauces separately
Memphis-Style Loin Back Ribs -Full Slab $25.00 each
Whole Smoked Chicken $13.00 each
Whole Smoked Pork Tenderloin $10.00 each
Andouille Sausage, one foot $8.00 each
Meats Sold by the Pound - whole pounds only, no half pounds
Sliced Smoked Beef Brisket $16.00 pound
Chopped & Lightly Sauced Beef Brisket $17.00 pound
Pulled & Lightly Sauced Pork Shoulder $11.00 pound
Jerk Seasoned Pulled Pork Shoulder $12.00 pound
Smoked Split Chicken Breast Skin-On $12.00 pound
Boneless, Skinless Asian Chicken Breast $12.00 pound
'Bass-Ackwards' Chicken Wings $12.00 pound
Special Order Meats/Entrees
Jambalaya (chicken & andouille, no seafood) $14.00 quart
Sliced Smoked Pork Loin (4# minimum) $11.00 pound
Special Order Full Cuts - charged by pound for full weight
Smoked Whole Brisket 4.5 - 7# average) $15.00 pound
Smoked Beef Tenderloin market pound
Smoked Prime Rib market pound
Smoked Beef Sirloin market pound
Smoked Rack of Pork (14-16 bones) $15.00 pound
Smoked Breast of Turkey market pound
Side Dishes & Sauces
Red Beans & Rice (meaty) $6.00 pint
  $12.00 quart
Black Beans $6.00 pint
  $12.00 quart
Grits of the Day $6.00 pint
  $12.00 quart
Spiced Apples $7.00 pint
  $14.00 quart
Cole Slaw $5.00


  $10.00 quart
Mashed Potato of the Day $6.00 pint
  $12.00 quart
Smoked Chicken Dip - no chips $9.00 pint
  $18.00 quart
Red Hot Blues Tortilla Chips $8.00 bag
Flying Mango Corn Bread - no butter $10.00 9" round
Cinnamon Honey Butter $4.00 half pint
Flying Mango Barbecue Sauce $5.00 pint
  $10.00 quart
Flying Mango Jerk Sauce $6.00 pint
  $12.00 quart
Mango Salsa $5.00 pint
  $10.00 quart
Special Order Side Dishes
Sweet Potato Salad (3 qt minimum) $12.00 quart
Homestyle Potato Salad (3 qt minimum) $12.00 quart
Desserts - all are Special Order
White Chocolate Bread Pudding (14-16 pc) $40.00 pan
Sweet Mango Sauce $4.00 half pint
Sweet Potato Pie (6-8 pc) $25.00 pie
Gma Irene's Red Hot Cinnamon Apple Pie (6-8 pc) $25.00 pie
Southwest Chocolate Cake (14 pc) $44.00 cake
Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Tart (10-12 pc) $34.00 tart
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