Smoked ice cream?

Not yet, but Flying Mango Catering smokes or grills virtually everything else. Since 1997, we've rapidly earned a statewide reputation for creating uncommon and unparalleled cuisine with a dash of flair. Flying Mango prides itself on award-winning succulent barbecue, bold flavors of the Caribbean and unique homemade sidedishes.

Flying Mango – memorable name. Unforgettable food.

Flying Mango caters to a full range of functions: formal dining to public concession at the local farmers' market – or – white tie to red and white checkered tablecloths. We like to think of it as events for all reasons or no reason at all.

Flying Mango is owned and operated by husband & wife, Michael Wedeking and Suzanne Van Englehoven. Mike's made it a hobby to encourage people to try unique foods and flavors for years, so we turned a 15-year-old hobby into a business. Our passion is to intrigue you and your guests by creating a memorable meal. Try our food, you won't easily forget it.

Ready to make your mouth water? Jump to hungry?

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